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: What animal do you associate yourself with (given our ties to oxen)?

JP Biondo: I would have to go with a dog. Dogs are always interested in what’s going on. They like to be involved…. They find joy in hanging out with the ones they love. Dogs are usually in for the long haul, but they wont say no to a nice nap.

B&L: Why music? Why do you seek it? Why do you create it? How’d it come calling to you?

Biondo: I’m convinced that the music seeks me just as much, if not more, than I seek it.

Most musicians would probably agree that it’s nearly impossible to go an entire day without hearing some form of music. It could come from something as simple as the rhythm of a printer, printing out a sheet of paper, or a car alarm, or the sounds of nearby construction taking place. When I hear the hum of a vacuum cleaner I almost always immediately start “hum harmonizing” with it.

B&L: Was there a moment or experience that led you to try your hand at making this your life? What keeps you inspired to keep going?

Biondo: I didn’t have a particular moment per say. I was lucky to have grown up with music surrounding me quite often. We sang A LOT.

Being a musician is a job, and it’s filled with its ups and downs just like any job. But for me, I believe that it’s one of the best jobs in the world.

The music itself is the main inspiration to keep going. You take it a little further each time, each night, each gig. It’s hard to explain but it just kind of fills you up and makes you feel good.

B&L: What’s the making of a great show? What do you look or hope for as you step foot on that stage?

Biondo: The making of a great show could be a lot of different things to a lot of different people…. For me it’s when the crowd and the band share all of the energy in the room. Some of my favorite show experiences were the ones when ourselves and the listeners had made an unspoken agreement to share the energy. Another hard thing to explain, but borderline magical…..

B&L: How did Cabinet come to be? Why did Cabinet come to be?

Biondo: We found each other through the love of playing music. It happened differently for each individual guy in the band but long story short, the music brought us together.

B&L: Okay, let’s talk about the latest record, “Celebration.” It’s been out for a bit What were the goals when you set out to make it?

Biondo: The main goal was to get more stripped down and rootsy with that album, which I think we accomplished. “Celebration” has no electric instruments on it, and focuses much more on the songs themselves. My cousin Pappy wrote most of the tunes on that album. It was a real pleasure for me to see Cabinet put his fantastic songwriting in the spotlight for those recordings.

B&L: Speaking of celebrations, this tour marks your 10th anniversary as a band. Right on. How’s the ride been?

Biondo: It’s been a wild ride! We’ve made so many incredible friends along the way. We are truly a blessed group of guys.

B&L: What’s one tune (or, heck, a couple) that exists out there in the ether that blows you away that you kind of wish you had written yourself?

Biondo: “Terra Nova” by James Taylor is one that always does it for me.

Also “Nothingman” by Pearl Jam. That tune is just filled with such deep sadness and emotion. It gets me every time.

B&L: What can folks expect when they come out to see you gentleman perform at the Stone Church this Thursday and Friday?

Biondo: Folks can expect to have a great time. We want to have fun and help spread some good energy up there this weekend!

There will be bluegrass, rock, reggae, jam, and everything in between!

B&L: Question number 12. If you could have a dozen of anything, what would that dozen of something be?

Biondo: That’s easy. 12 guitars.

Cabinet will own the stage at the Stone Church in Newmarket tonight and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday, September 22nd and 23rd). Party time! For tickets and more information: click here.