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Suitcase Junket will play two special shows this weekend, beginning on Friday, September 29th at the Firehouse Center for the Arts for the Arts in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and Saturday, September 30th at the Word Barn in Exeter, New Hampshire. The oxen tracked him down to ask him a few more questions (click here for the first time around) in anticipation of the upcoming performances that both set unique ambient atmospheres.

B&L: Your latest release, “Pile Driver,” is a curiously interesting and massively fun sounding record. When you build these things (records/songs), what’s your process like? Do you treat the studio like a child treats a playground?

Suitcase Junket (Matt Lorenz): You got it! The first half of a day in the studio is the tedious part where you set up and make sure all the sounds are doing what they’re supposed to, then for the rest of the session it’s spazz-out time! Time to chase the fun and see what happens.

B&L: How has the release been received? What’s the greatest bit of feedback you’ve received? What’s the worst?

Lorenz: The release has been received with flying colors! They threw me a parade. That was the best. The worst was the tomatoes. But they were still pretty good.

B&L: You’re coming to burn down a couple of venues for us this weekend. We’re excited, and the fire extinguishers have recently been serviced. The first show is in Newburyport at the Firehouse Theater, the second is at the Word Barn in Exeter. What excites you about your visit(s). What’s your perspective on the dynamic of playing a theater one night and a barn the next?

Lorenz: It’s always exciting to play in new rooms, in places I’ve never been before. I grew up in Vermont, so playing music in barns is like coming home for me. And playing at the Firehouse Theatre so near the ocean, I’m sure to channel some salty sea captains of times gone by.

B&L: All that said, what’s the strangest place you’ve played?

Lorenz: Hmm, there’s been some weird ones. The skeleton of an old abandoned power plant was up there in the oddities. Also the tippy top of a volcano in Italy.

B&L: How do you source the “junk” that informs/influences your music? Do you have dump passes for multiple town facilities affixed to the window(s) of your hot rod?

Lorenz: The junk finds me these days. Folks are always bringing me interesting rusty things or animal bones that they think I’ll like and I do! Occasionally I’ll find something curious on the side of the road during a tour. But truly, where I source my junk is a trade secret.

B&L: What’s your greatest fear? How do you combat said fear?

Lorenz: All of sudden believing I can fly and jumping off of something high only to find out I can not. I dream of flying.

B&L: Music. What is it good for? What keeps you cruising down the road?

Lorenz: Music keeps me regular. And without it I’m a monster.

B&L: Questions #8: What are the eight essentials that find their way into the Suitcase Junket’s suitcase?


  1. Potions
  2. Placebos
  3. Squirrel skull
  4. Corn chips
  5. Birds nest
  6. Coconut water
  7. Maple syrup
  8. Notebook