oxHistorically, Bright & Lyon is a tale of two oxen. The pair of humble beasts is bound by a yoke, be it by the horns (by way of Nova Scotia – Canada) or around the neck (by way of the Granite State – United States). Regardless of the type of yoke, the idea is that these two oxen are unified in the notion that they were going to get down to business and yield at nothing to move the earth, and bring an end-goal to fruition.

When prompted by a query of ‘hey, what are your fine animal’s names?’ – a farmer would simply point and proclaim, ‘this one is bright, this one is lion.’ That naming convention is in fact universal to these paired teams. We invite you to Google it. It’s true.

With this understanding, along with the notion that oxen are the hardest working animals in the business comes the launch of Bright & Lyon Productions.

The two principals, Bright, and Lyon (the spelling of which stems from family lineage) have decades of music promotion and production experience collectively. One believes in the yoke bound ‘round the horns (Lyon’s roots are in Nova Scotia), and the other in the yoke bound ‘round the neck (Bright’s roots are in New Hampshire). Either way, the work the two undertake is unparalleled and fueled by a passion of quality music, and quality concert going experiences in a communal setting.

Our mission is simple, to bring in nationally touring artists that are seeking a place to play in the northeast, which in turn bolsters community involvement in regard to the vast network of venues Bright & Lyon seeks to work with, and community involvement in regard to the folks we hope come out and share in the exemplary experience of these shows. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to area non-profits, further expounding upon the community aesthetic that course through the operative veins of this collaborative venture.

The yoke that binds us is the music that guides us.